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Our online training courses allow people from all industries to acquire understanding and knowledge in areas of Workplace Health and Safety and Injury Management. The information gained in our courses will assist employees, managers and supervisors to understand their obligations and responsibilities under the current legislations.  

Our courses are designed to involve you, and capture your attention as you work through the modules enabling you to recognise areas of concerns and undertand why the overall health and safety of all employees is critical in the management of all businesses.

Being able to work in an injury free environment is the ultimate goal and to achieve this, it is the responsibility of everyone on a worksite.

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Manual Handling Training

$ 88.00 AUD

Our Manual Handling Training has been designed to provide you with some insights into to your body and how manual tasks can contribute or cause injuries. We break it down for you so that you know how to lift correctly and minimise any potential injuries that you could sustain both at work and at home.

Occupational Health and Safety for Employees

$ 77.00 AUD

As an employee you also have a duty of care to ensure your own safety and the safety of others at the workplace. This training module provides you with some insight into working safely.

Fatigue Management

$ 88.00 AUD

Our Fatigue Management  offers Managers, Supervisors and Employees the skills to identify when fatigue at work can lead to safety issues.

Injury Management for Supervisors

$ 88.00 AUD

Injury Management for Supervisors aims to provide you with the understanding on how to manage an injured worker from the time they inform you of their injury, right through to them returning to work on a suitable duties program until they fit to return to their full pre-injury duties. 


Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination

$ 66.00 AUD

This course covers Discrimination in the Workplace, Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bullying. It is recommended that all employees undergo this training at least once a year to ensure that they understand that it is unacceptable to subject anyone to this type of behaviour. 


Social Media Marketing

$ 88.00 AUD

This short training course addresses:

Why you use Social Media;

Which App should you be accessing;

Social media strategy and planning;

Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business;

Basic social medial skills;

Implementing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn;

Social Media etiquette. 



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