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Wham Training specialises in providing on-line training courses in relation to Injury Management, Rehabilitation and Workplace Health and Safety.

Our courses are designed to provide employees, supervisors and managers with the knowledge and skills required to be able to recognise the potential for an injury or incident to occur as well as the skills required to prevent an event from occuring.

Whilst employers generally understand that they have obligations to ensure the safety of all employees, contractors and visitors to the workplace it is clear that businesses still have a lot to do in regards to health and safety but unfortunately whilst most businesses are focussing on the operational side of their companies, health and safety has taken a backward step and consequently more and more injuries will be inevitable.

At Wham Training we believe that it is important that all employees as well as the management team need to work together to achieve an "injury free" workplace and to do that, it is necessary that people understand the importance of Workplace Health and Safety and why it is essential that everyone works in a safe and healthy manner.

Our programs have been designed to allow the person completing the course to gain an insight into how easily injuries and incidents can occur and discuss methods of preventation including risk assessments as well as the need to undergo appropriate training such as manual handling.

We are able to tailor programs specifically for your organisation to ensure that all your Employees, Managers and Supervisors understand their individual roles and responsiblities whilst working for your business.

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Wham Training is able to offer you a number of short course that will enhance your ability to work safely, understand the obligations in relation to Health and Safety and provide you with some insight into Injury Management and Rehabilitation.
We will also be offering Cert IV in Workplace Health and Safety which will allow employees and individuals gain a deeper understanding of how to identify hazards, conduct risk assessments, site inspections, and undertake investigations.
As part of the Cert IV we are offering an accredited module in relation to Injury Management and this will allow appointed Rehabilitation Coordinators gain some real knowledge to assist Injured Employees return to work as soon as practicable.

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